Educated Ignorance

I know people like to believe in their high school history education as being accurate, but unfortunately, generally, it’s not. Either things are glossed over because of time constraints or blatantly misrepresented because the curriculum is set by governments who have a vested interest in presenting things a certain way. (My undergrad thesis is based … More Educated Ignorance

In Defense of Presentism (Kind Of)

In class on Tuesday we got into a brief discussion of presentism and whether modern attitudes should influence who we memorialize today. Merriam Webster defines presentism as “an attitude toward the past dominated by present-day attitudes and experiences.” Now, most historians agree that we can’t judge a 16th century politician by our 21st century ethics, … More In Defense of Presentism (Kind Of)

Naked Teaching From A Student Perspective

For next Monday’s class we have been asked to read a series of articles on the downfalls of technology, especially as it relates to the classroom. One of these articles is “Teach Naked” by Jeffery R. Young. To summarize, this article explores a movement at some universities to pull professors away from relying on PowerPoint … More Naked Teaching From A Student Perspective


Since we will all be here for at least a semester, I figured I would start with a bit of an introduction and some background on myself. I earned my B.A. in history and anthropology (specialization in archaeology) from McGill University in 2015 after five years of working at it. I did a one year … More Introduction