Food History

In the first year of my undergraduate degree, I took a course on the early modern Atlantic world(s), and one of the things the prof pointed out to me has stuck to this day. We talk a lot about what influence the Europeans had on the Americas, but very little about the opposite, that is, … More Food History

That’s Hysterical! A Brief History of Anxiety

When we find something especially funny, we’ll often refer to it as being “hysterical.” Similarly, if someone, especially a woman, is being overly emotional (especially when it comes to crying), she will often be referred to as “hysterical.” Many people know the origin of the term “hysteria” comes from the term “hystera,” meaning uterus. This … More That’s Hysterical! A Brief History of Anxiety

Truth to Power

A friend of mine who is in an extended job search was talking to me a few weeks back about some interesting interview questions she’s been asked in her search. It was fun for me to go through the questions and see how fast I could come up with an answer to each one. One … More Truth to Power

Active History

This weekend is the Active History conference and the first session I’m attending is one on website design. Because of this you may notice some changes to the layout of my blog! There is a sidebar with my Twitter that I just started, and links at the bottom of the page to my LinkedIn and Twitter as well, among … More Active History

In Defense of Presentism (Kind Of)

In class on Tuesday we got into a brief discussion of presentism and whether modern attitudes should influence who we memorialize today. Merriam Webster defines presentism as “an attitude toward the past dominated by present-day attitudes and experiences.” Now, most historians agree that we can’t judge a 16th century politician by our 21st century ethics, … More In Defense of Presentism (Kind Of)